Not a good start

Not a good start

I drove WestIn the season between seasons.I left behind suburban gardens.Lawnmowers. Small talk.(White Hawthorn in the West of Ireland, Eavan Boland) On Monday evening I was shocked and quite upset when I heard that Eavan Boland had died. She was...Read More

Love After Love

Eilis, a psychotherapist I've been going to for a while, told me about a poem by Derek Walcott called Love After Love. In short, it's about meeting one's self and, I suppose, accepting one's self, warts, quirks and faults, as...Read More


Still working with the blended pastel on rag paper idea but marrying it with some Celtic knotwork. I was looking for something romantic to write over it. And then I thought of Eavan Boland's poem Quarantine, about the famine. And...Read More

Haiku 2

I wrote the three Haiku in the last post at different times and it was only when I was messing around with backgrounds that I realised they dealt with different times of day. So, I thought I'd go on into...Read More


So, learning from the poor execution of the Haiku in the previous post, I had another go. This time, I didn't try to do any special lettering. I think that was my error the last time. Instead, I just used...Read More