It’s 2020

In a few short weeks I’ll be 60. 60! I don’t mind and I don’t feel nearly 60. I feel about 38 on a good day. On a bad one, maybe 55. Anyway, it’s only a number. I have plenty of energy and a lot of good stuff going on.

While I have’t blogged for a while, I have kept to my resolution and I’ve done something creative everyday, even when travelling to the UK for Christmas. I’m pleased about that. It’s important that I don’t stop. I don’t want to stop. In fact I’ve a load of ideas about things that I want to do or try out and I have unfinished projects to complete.

I’m not going to post everything I’ve done since my last blog post. Some were just small things drawn or sketched. Others were work on bigger projects, some now finished. Others still in progress. So this is just a sample.

Part of a border

Some mandalas …

Let’s call this a fish mandala …

On St Stephen’s Day, we went to South Shields …

… walked along the beach, allowing the stiff North Sea breeze to blow away the Christmas Day cobwebs, picked up some sea glass, ate chips, and played mini-golf. I did this with the sea glass, just on a counter top so it’s not permanent. In fact, it’s gone now.

I made this for Christine, carved from one block of wood. The hearts are interlinked, as you can see, but are not otherwise attached to each other. Clever, eh? It was a little late for Christmas, unfortunately, and I’m sorry about that but I simply ran out of time.

Yesterday I made a bag (strong enough to hold two full bottles of wine) from one sheet of newspaper, glue, two cardboard rectangles and a couple of lengths of string …

Christine gave me this new workbench for Christmas. Look at it! It’s solid, sturdy, a great size, easy to fold up and just super-awesome.

2019 was a bit of a mixed bag. Even though it started with a hangover (my own fault for mixing drinks!) I’m feeling very positive about 2020.

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