Cheerful Sunday

On Instagram, Eileen suggested that I might use more positive words in my next paper weave. So I did. Here’s my cheerful not cross words weave.

Earlier in the day, I drew a bit but not very well. Hands are devilishly difficult to draw. I used my own, or at least a photo of my own as a model. I won’t foist my effort on any readers. I painted a butterfly on a slate. Not my best work. I copied it from an Instagrammer that I follow. The proportions of the wings aren’t right (my fault, not the Instagrammer’s). The wing closest to us is smaller than the one behind it. Pretty significant error, to be honest.

I pasted a few leaves that I had painted gold on to a pebble to see what it might look like.

I experimented with stamping marks on a teabag. This is the start of an idea I have about merging the teabag idea with the papier mache idea.

I’ll develop this in time. (Also keen on the idea of embroidering teabags.)

And then, this evening, I used a balloon as a shape upon which I did some papier mache. Yesterday, I used newspaper. Today I used tissue paper. I want to see if I can achieve a more delicate quality and what it might look like with light shining through it.

When it’s dry, I’ll burst the balloon and I should be left with a nice curved shape. That’s the theory anyway.

I dreamt last night for the first time in about three weeks. I think that dreams are important. Daydreams too. Looking into the middle distance, becoming semi-detached and letting your mind wander. Creating fantasies and images. Allowing ideas to swirl around. Such thought processes have caused me some difficulties in the past but, on balance, I’d prefer to daydream and risk the difficulties than not to daydream at all.

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