Crosswords: art pun

I’ve woven paper before and I was reminded about this when I opened Pinterest this morning and saw a picture of some woven typed-on paper. And then I had an idea. Why not create a paper weave with visible words on a theme? And then I thought: how about cross words: words conveying anger, so creating some sort of visual pun. So that’s what I did.

I looked up a thesaurus online to get synonyms, downloaded a typewriter font, aged the paper by soaking it in tea, and pasted the paper onto card to make it easier to weave. And here is it …

The idea came to me on the way to the Dublin International Tattoo Convention.

I went last year and enjoyed it. This year it was in the RDS and I assumed it would be in the Concert Hall so I made a beeline for it, and found myself in the middle of a pro life conference. I beat a hasty retreat. Then I was stopped by a security man at the entrance to the actual tattoo convention, who assumed I was in the wrong place.

Eventually I got in. The convention is a window to a different world and I really enjoyed myself, chatting to some craft people, looking at some fantastic art, watching people being inked and soaking up the alternative atmosphere.

And then I went back to primary school.

And had a go at papier mache.

I was about 7 when I last did this so there was no cling film and I’m pretty sure my mum and I made paste out of flour and water.

What else did I do? I painted a few leaves gold, and I looked up …

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