I started this dreamcatcher at the weekend by wrapping a metal hoop with a flat yarn and creating the web with some string that has a fine metallic filament running through it which makes it sparkle when it catches the light.

I intended to find feathers to attach to the web part but life is too short, so I ordered some goose feathers from Amazon. They were due to arrive today so, this morning, I made the beads and the heart out of airdough and then I assembled the rest of it this evening.

The dreamcatcher is of native american origin. The belief behind it is that the atmosphere is filled with dreams both good and bad. At night, the bad dreams are caught in the web and wither when the sun rises. The good dreams pass through the hole in the middle and travel through the feathers to the sleeper below, usually a child.

I am conscious of the cultural appropriation element in making one of these. However, making it was very satisfying and has served to somewhat overcome the slight crisis in confidence that I’ve been experiencing lately. So, it was done in good faith and for no financial gain.

I came across some instructions recently about how to make a leaf skeleton. I’m interested in this because I want to experiment with papier mache and paper making and incorporating leaf skeletons in those things could look pretty awesome. In short, the process involves steeping a leaf in a hot sodium carbonate (washing soda) solution in order to dissolve the leaf and leave the veins intact, and then brushing away the dissolved pulp. I discovered that it’s not as easy as it sounds. I had a go but I think that to do this properly involves a lot of trial and error, patience and a softer brush. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you’ll see I managed to reveal bits of the skeleton.

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