But I have several excuses/reasons.

In any endeavour, you go through periods when you just don’t feel like it. When your motivation evades you and indolence takes hold. Those are precisely the times when you’ve got to keep going. It’s easy to break a habit.

I’m struggling a little at the moment. Some things haven’t turned out the way I hoped they would. I seem to have lost my inspiration. I need to battle though this though. Maybe deliberately step back to something simpler. Get some easy wins to regain my confidence and move on from there.

I haven’t been idle. Just a bit lacklustre.

I ordered some metal hoops recently and I thought I’d have a go at making a dream catcher. When it’s finished, I’ll explain its origin. For now, here’s the web part, created by wrapping some flat yarn around a hoop, and creating the web with string with a metallic filament though it. I’ll be adding feathers and beads presently. It’s OK. I’m quite pleased with it.

This, on a teabag, was inspired by some street art I saw on Dame Lane in Dublin. I don’t quite understand why, but I love Dame Lane.

And I’ve finished the first coat of paint on my letter press tray. Looks pretty good I think. Tedious to do though.

I’ve started the second coat (it’s quicker than the first) and when that’s done, I’ll lightly sand and varnish the wooden bits.

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