I mentioned this yesterday. It’s a printer’s letter press tray and it’s been sitting in my attic for about six months. I bought it as a kind of display cabinet for some of the things I’ve made over the last year or so. In its natural state it’s a bit dark and dull so yesterday I decided I’d paint it so that the bits and pieces I put in it would stand out a bit.

I was looking for a colour called Venetian White, a kind of antique-looking cream colour. I didn’t really need 5 litres though and that seemed to be the minimum quantity available. So this one comes from a sample pouch of Aran Somethingorother. It looks white in the photos but it’s creamier. It’ll need two coats, which is tedious. I’m not one for having to do something AGAIN. Anyway, the first coat is half done and I think it’ll look quite good when it’s finished.

Progress …

Some things just take time.

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