In Summer 2018, we passed through Bristol. I’d never really considered Bristol before at all, apart from knowing that it’s near Portishead. And I only knew Portishead was a real place when I wanted to find out more about the band.

Bristol is worth a visit. There’s enough quirkiness and art to keep you going for a few days anyway. It’s Banksy’s home town. We visited a museum. Can’t remember which one but it had a special exhibition of African fabrics. I took a few pics and one of them inspired this teabag decoration.

This next teabag is just the product of me messing around with paint and a toothbrush. I blame Pinterest.

I made this pot a few weeks ago. It was meant to house a succulent but it’s too small. And it’s a bit too thick. It’s not really very good at all really but I painted it anyway and no doubt I’ll use it to put things in.

We were at the theatre this evening so creative time was limited. Asking For It at the Gaiety. I’d read the book a few years ago and so I knew what to expect. It was very moving and brought to mind the Paddy Jackson rape trial. The current system of conducting rape trials is appalling. The conviction rate is minuscule and the process simply victimises the victim.

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