Grey Day

Just trying stuff out today. so it’ll be a short post.

A while ago, I bought a Dremel.

It’s a sort of mini powered rotary device and it comes with a load of attachments and bits for drilling, sanding, cutting and taking stones out of horses hooves. Actually, not the last thing. When I was small, penknives always seemed to have a spiky thing for taking stones out of horses hooves, though.

I’ve used it a few times for drilling small holes in wood and sanding stuff. Anyway, I was browsing Pinterest today and something caught my eye. It was a piece of text which is unusual for picture-based Pinterest. It said …

So I followed the link, said ‘A-ha’ to myself and gave it a go this evening. These are freehand and a bit rough but you’ll get the idea.

I keep coming across paintings of water drops on things so I thought I’d have a go. The principle is straightforward enough. Getting the proper gradation of colour in the middle of the drop is difficult. Not too bad for a first try I think.

That’s it for today.

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