Despite not particularly liking the end of summer, I love the colours of Autumn. I had to leave the office to grab some milk today and on the way I found this. Beautiful.

I’m working on an Autumn idea at the moment. It’s got a few stages so it’ll take a while to get it done. You saw the first stage yesterday. Here’s the second stage. Acrylic and rice paper. Messy and it didn’t go completely according to plan but I think we’re good. Next stage tomorrow.

Here’s the first part of that autumn leaf above on a teabag. It was getting late when I did this so this is just the first coat. I’ll do some more with it tomorrow.

I’ve been trying to carve Celtic designs on wood with not a great deal of success. Fiddly. So I decided to try something simpler. As with the other stuff in this post, it’s not finished. I think the wood is cherry. It’s quite a hard wood which is great because there’s less risk of bits breaking off. Quite pleased with the way this is turning out.

That’s it for today.

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