Just working on some ideas.

Autumn. I bought a light box for half nothing on Ebay from China. It’s a really simple but effective device that allows you to shine a bright light through an image so that you can trace it easily. I’m borrowing and adapting an idea from Instagram this time. Here’s a flavour.

The light box, original image, my tracings and cut outs
Leaves, as yet uncoloured. Wasn’t sure this would work but it does.

Playing with clay and that stamp I made yesterday. And an attempt to carve the shape in wood. The heart is carved into an avocado pit.

Bubble paint on one the the clay disks I made the other day. The paint would look more dramatic on a black background I think.

Had a rush of ideas this morning. I wrote them down. Which is just as well because my head is too full at the moment.

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