No Great Shakes

… but, to be honest, I quite like the paint job on these. Gold inside and Ferrous Oxide outside. Nice combo.

They certainly look better with the tea-lights in them.

This afternoon, I recorded a couple of poems. I want to do a video job on them and then I’ll stick them on Vimeo and copy them here. It’s only when I started recording them that I realised how noisy Nutgrove Office Park actually is. What with slamming doors and flushing toilets and my own fluffs and hesitations … Well, let’s just say I had to get up and walk around the office for a bit to calm myself down.

I’ve also been working on a frame idea with those white flowers. And this evening, if possible, I want to experiment with water and watercolour. Even if that turns out crap, I’ll post it here.

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