In the end, it was simple. I bought the domain name, tried to transfer the site to it, failed, asked Blacknight, my hosting service, to do it, they said they could, and they did, charged me about €40 and here it is.

Anyone here for the first time: welcome!

The idea is very simple. I’ve always had a creative itch and I decided just over a year ago that the best way to scratch it was to decide to do something creative every day. It might be five minutes or five hours. It might be painting, or cooking, or some craft or other, or writing. Anything that involves some sort of creative process that transforms something (be it an idea or some material) into something else. The result is less important than the process. This blog is just a way of documenting it and commenting on it. Although I’ll try to do something creative every day I won’t necessarily produce something every day. Nor will I blog every day. So far, I’ve managed about 20 posts a month.

So, yesterday I completed that fish on a teabag. It was originally meant to be a mackerel but a slip of the brush made it too fat and so it became an imaginary fish. I used gouache and I mixed silver and indigo to try to represent the shimmer of the scales. It’s a little lifeless, but it is on a teabag.

Last Saturday I bought some air drying modelling clay in Sostrene Grene on South Great Georges Street and I’ve been playing with it. I’ve a lot of stuff half done and other stuff done but not painted but I’m quite pleased with this …

Not so pleased with this because the paint ran when I sprayed it with varnish and, instead of laying it flat, I hung it up …

That’s kind of it for today.