New Toys

But before I tell you about them, I did this. It’s a copy of something I found on Pinterest, done in pencil in my notebook. It could be better but it’s OK. I’ll do it again, but better, in paint in due course.

So much for resisting advertising on the internet. On Instagram and Facebook, in recent times, ads have been appearing for articulated figurines for use by artists. The concept is similar to the familiar wooden mannequins that you can pick up in any art supply shop (and in Flying Tiger). But these ones are plastic, about six inches tall, have a lot more moving joints, interchangeable hands using various expressions, and accessories. They are made by Ban Dai, the company that makes collectible fantasy figures.

Anyway, I ordered two, a male and a female and they arrived in my office while I was away. I’ve been playing with them this evening, seeing how flexible they are, how the hands work, what sort of poses I can get them in to. They can stand without support but they also come with a support mechanism which allows you to pose them jumping of running or falling. (And, yes, before you ask, I am an adolescent at heart, so I have, of course, put them in various erotic poses.)

I am not good at drawing people and so I intend to use these to practice with. Here’s a few pics of the figures …

Here’s a very rough first sketch. You see why I need to practice.