Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my resolution to do something creative every day. I haven’t quite managed EVERY day, mainly due to work-related travel but, in truth, I’ve missed only a handful. Some days, the creativity was pretty minimal but on others it might have stretched to four or five hours or more.

The resolution has changed my life. It started out as therapy, as a means to re-engage a creative muscle that possibly hadn’t been fully functional since my childhood. It continued, sometimes as a distraction from other life events. It’s now a central part of my life. And it has changed my life. It’s changed the way I look at things. It’s changed the way I look at myself. It’s made me feel far more comfortable about being me.

This is the 230th post on meatpunkspit. Even I’m astonished by that. When I look around my attic, where I do most of the things that I do, I’m also astonished by the range of things I’ve managed to make, paint, carve, glue, print, write, edit, play and assemble. Some of it is reasonable. Some of it is rubbish. But all of it is a result of me just having a go and not really being that bothered about whether the things I create will look good, or work. It’s the process that’s important to me, not the product.

In the last year number of people have encouraged me to keep going, have commented both positively and critically on the things I’ve produced, and have inspired me to create particular things. They know who they are and I am extremely grateful to them.

I still have loads of ideas and I am determined to continue to do something creative each day.