I’m Learnding

Busy enough day but I found time to watch a few YouTube videos on gouache.

I use gouache in tubes and i’ve been in the habit of washing away the excess paint after each painting session. Gouache is quite expensive and this is a bit of a waste. One of the things I learned today was that one can leave the paint on the palette and simply reactivate it with water later. The handy thing about this fact is that it makes gouache a lot more portable than I thought it was. I bought this palette a while ago and haven’t used it much. It folds over though, so it’s something that I might consider bringing away with me when I travel.

I think I improved my blackcurrants (I added some more) except they look a little pale. That’s more to do with the photo. They are darker in real life …

Not so sure about this rose. It started off very pale but it looked dreadful. The right hand side is OK. I had trouble with the left side however. Trying to make things lighter is harder than making things darker. I really should have started again instead of trying to make it better. Anyway, no worries. The next one will be better.

I mentioned the Rathgar Horticultural Show a few posts back. I decided not to enter the herbs competition. Christine, however, continued to dominate the baking competitions, coming first in four out of the five competitions, and second in the fifth. She also won the major baking prize with her magnificent lemon, bay leaf and olive oil cake.

I’m Learnding …