That’s Better, I Think

I’ve learned a valuable lesson. It’s one thing to make something because one has been inspired by something or someone. It’s very much a different thing to make something on demand, because someone has requested it. In the former, there’s not much pressure. It flows. There’s an emotional attachment to the thing being created. In the latter, one feels one has got to get it right. I’m not complaining. Just making an observation. But I don’t think I’ll be taking any more commissions, if that’s the right term. A bit too stressful.

Here’s my second go at the mum thing for my pal …

This was the first …

I think the top one is better but I’m open to differing opinions. I’ll probably send him both and let him choose.

3 thoughts on “That’s Better, I Think

  1. I like them both but, if I had to choose, i’d go for the first one because it’s lighter and more delicate looking.

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