At the glass workshop a few weekends ago, one of the participants showed us some mosaics she had completed and had stuck up on her garden walls. I had never thought of doing a mosaic before, but I have now!

Colourful tiles are easily obtained. And I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to start smashing them with a hammer and see what emerges?

Then this afternoon, we were at a memorial service in Mount Merrion and I was looking at some huge stained glass windows. They were circular but were composed of small squares. Then I thought of other mosaics I have seen over the years. The tile elements tend to be quite regularly shaped rather than being the product of a middle-aged man wielding a hammer.

Then (!) from somewhere in my memory came a vision of a blue and white box somewhere in my garage containing a tile cutter. I wondered why I had a tile cutter because I can’t remember ever hanging tiles. When I got home, however, I went to the garage, straight to the place where I thought it might be and, what do you know, there it was. The box was a slightly different colour and shape to the one in my vision, but it was a tile cutter sure enough. And here it is. So I’ll be able to cut tiles rather than smash them with a blunt instrument.

There will be mosaic.