Kid’s stuff, really

Going to Sligo tomorrow to adjudicate at the Sligo Feis Ceoil for three days. It’s a punishing schedule, to be honest. Monday and Tuesday look like 10 or 11 hours each and Wednesday doesn’t look much shorter. One does get into adjudication mode and gets through it but its very concentrated work and it always takes a few days to recover at the other end. Opportunities for creativity will be pretty limited but I’m determined to keep to the resolution.

Today, I was tinkering. Last night we were watching BBC4 music programmes. There was one on Woody Guthrie which was interesting and then a few Top of the Pops based ones: 1987 (not a vintage year for pop music), 1984 (definitely a good year) and then we caught the first twenty minutes of one on 1960s psychedelia. Some Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd and pre-ELP Keith Emerson playing with The Nice and sticking daggers in his keyboard. Ah, those were the days.

Anyway, the point of this was that the subtitles from one song, Echo and the Bunnymen’s Killing Moon, suggested that it was based on the chords from David Bowie’s Space Oddity, played in reverse order. So, today, I dug out the chords for Space Oddity and played it on the guitar. Some nice sequences: F major to F minor. F maj 7 to E minor. And then, there’s the rhythmic guitar bit that goes C to F to G to A, A. Love that.

I finished my swinging owls.

Click to enlarge, if you must

This is based on something that Christine showed me on Pinterest, except they weren’t owls in that picture. Anyway, this is the kid’s stuff of the post title, on the basis that it’s something that an eight-year old could have a pretty good stab at. For me, that’s OK. The value in this creativity thing is the process, not the product. The process is at once therapeutic and enjoyable. I’m under no pressure to produce anything in particular. I’m not selling any of it. This blog is just me recording what I do. I’m under no obligation to blog. I just like doing it.

More kid’s stuff here. Hearts on a tuna tin. This’ll become a candle at some stage.

And finally, just by the way, I’m accumulating quite a selection of fine brushes.

I really much prefer painting small things.