Painted Fish

That fish I made from Air Dough dried out well. It’s got a nice quality when it’s dry. Still a little flexible so the fish doesn’t look dead. In real life that is. In the photos it looks pretty flat unfortunately. So if you want to see it properly, you’ll have to come to my house and visit the downstairs toilet, where it will live.

I bought some new watercolours last night in the art shop in Rathmines. It’s a nice little set. Anilinki, made in the Czech Republic. 24 colours. The woman in the shop recommended them. She said something about pigment. (Anilinki made me think of Bean Ui Lionsigh, a teacher in the local primary school. We only knew her name because a young neighbour who used to go to the school used to talk about her and it took us ages to work out what Bannylinnshi meant.)

Anyway I bought them and used them on the fish. I finished it off with some diluted silver gouache to give it a shimmer.

Here’s the fish against three different backgrounds. Funny how the backgrounds change the way the colours come out in the photos.