I rarely ask myself why I’m doing this. You know, the creativity thing. But over the last few days I have been thinking about it a bit.

Sometimes it serves as a distraction: something to divert my mind from thinking about something else.

Sometimes it’s a compulsion: I itch to get something on paper, or to pick up a musical instrument, or to try out something. And I feel extreme frustration if I can’t do it NOW.

Other times, it’s a simple urge to see if I can translate something I’ve seen in my mind or on a website on to paper or on a pebble or a teabag or whatever surface I happen to be thinking of at the time.

Sometimes it’s just a general escape, into my own space, my bubble, away from the noise of the everyday.

Whatever it is, it’s now part of my life. I hope it stays that way. Maybe I won’t bother trying to analyse it.

So, this evening, while still waiting for my fish to dry out (although it’s nearly there, I think), I did some other things. These , for example …

And this. Not quite as successful as I hoped, really. Not a bad idea. The execution isn’t great though.

The young lad has been making things too. He spent much of the weekend on a college project: building a bridge from sheets of A4 paper (no glue). It has to be strong enough to withstand a can of beans being rolled across it while it is suspended between two tables. And it is. Clever lad.