Mother’s Day Air Dough

Yesterday I mentioned that I had bought some Air Dough, a lightweight children’s modelling clay. Clay is not quite the right word for it. It’s VERY light and has the consistency (but not the weight) of icing sugar. And it’s massively pliable. Here’s a lump of it out of the tub.

I found a suitable fish picture on Pinterest …

And then I had a go at replicating it with the Air Dough. It’s not an exact copy but let’s just say it’s ‘inspired by’ the picture.

Here it is on one of Christine’s cooling trays. You’d know it was a fish, anyway. Hopefully.

So the next stage is to let it dry. Might take a day or two. And then I’ll paint it. Although it’s not perfect, it took about 5 minutes! As they say: Where would you be going?

It’s Mother’s Day today. Although Mother’s Day has become all about cards and flowers and chocolates, I like to think of it as a day to reflect on the relationship between mothers and their children. In my case, to be honest, I’ve done enough reflecting on my own mother over the last year. So, instead, I’ve been reflecting on the role my Step-Mother, Jane, has played in my life since I met her in the early 1970s. Jane has been the most remarkable support to me, always, but especially in recent years. She’s in her mid 80s, independent to her finger tips, charming and vivacious company, as sharp as a tack, curious about a broad range of things, a voracious reader, and someone I know I can turn to if I need to. I just want to honour her here and express my appreciation and gratitude to her. Thank you Jane.