Final Cut Pro

My laptop died. I bought another one and made sure that it had enough power to edit movies quickly. I had purchased Final Cut Pro, Apple’s reasonably sophisticated movie editing program, for the old laptop but the poor thing struggled with the smallest of clips and I didn’t have the patience to wait. The new one makes short work of clips, so I’m ready to have a go.

To get to know how to use it, I used a GoPro clip taken in Levi, Finland, where we had a skiing holiday in early 2018. The original clip was about 30 seconds long and had a lot of wind noise.

So, in producing this, I learned how to import the clip, trim it and select two smaller sections from it for the movie, add a cross dissolve in the middle, add a fade in and fade out, get rid of the original sound, import a music track, clip it and integrate it with the movie, fade it out at the end, add titles at the start and at the end, save it and export it to Vimeo and YouTube.

Here’s the Vimeo one.