Alternative Canvasses

Regular visitors to this blog (that’s you Jane) will know that I like to apply paint to different surfaces and shapes. I’m rather keen on the idea of tuna cans at the moment. I was kind of pleased with the ladybirds and I have some other ideas now.

I intend to use them as candle containers and I like the idea that each one will be unique and, hopefully, quite attractive.

I have a small tuna can in mind for the next one. I want to do trees in the snow on it. With the ladybirds, I didn’t need to do much planning. I just painted them facing in random directions and they were all the same size more or less. A snow scene is different. I need to think a bit more about placement and size. So I did a practice scene on paper. I have to do a lot more trees than I thought but it’ll be fun.

Here’s the idea. Rough but workable. It’s about 20cms x 4cms. Click it to enlarge.

Here’s the can, prepared

That’s it so far.