It’s been quite a week at work. But otherwise some progress has been made and I’ve managed to do something creative everyday.

Yesterday, I received some brushes I’d ordered from China. With my low level of skill, I didn’t really think that I’d notice any difference between them and the ones I’d bought earlier from Cork. But, my goodness, they are very different. They hold a lot more ink and the moisture release is much more controlled. They keep their shape really well too, so that one can get the sharpest of lines with the biggest of them as well as a broad mark. I love them. Here’s the brushes and some practice sheets from last night.

I’ve been toying with my pebbles, working out what to do with them …

Not exactly creative, but I’ve been de-rusting these bad boys. The lower one is looking a lot better now … (click on the image to get a closer look)

And I’ve been going mad on the ukulele, practicing in the morning and the evening. I’ve learned all the major chords, most of the minor and 7th chords and a smattering of others. D and E major are hard. The rest are pretty straightforward. By playing songs, I’ve got used to the changes and can do them pretty quickly now (having played the guitar for some years in my late teens and early twenties has helped). I get Em wrong quite a lot but I’m getting there. The fingers on my left hand are in ribbons from the strings.

I wish I could sing better!

And I almost forgot. I’ve ordered wax, wicks and essential oils. I’m going to make some candles in old tin cans.