Life and Movement

Still waiting for those books on Chinese brush painting to arrive. I’m feeling frustrated that they’re taking so long to come.

In the meantime this came from the improbably named Robin Wood. It’s a hook knife, very sharp, designed to carve the bowls of spoons.

Anyway, I’ve been using YouTube videos to guide me with the Chinese brushes. Of course, the artists in the videos are professionals and make everything look so easy and effortless. That’s why I need the books. I know I need to be methodical about it (even though I’m not really a methodical sort of person).

I’ve been ploughing on regardless, attempting to get some life and movement on the page. These are a bit messy but there are some aspects of them that I’m pleased with as learning points.

Ironically, just as I was about to walk out the door to go to work this morning, the postal delivery person came, with two of those books. I had a quick look through them. They are exactly the type of thing I need. I’m excited.