Yesterday a man came to my office with some brushes, ink, paint and paper that I had ordered from Cork Art Supplies the day before. Gratifyingly quick service. And they were sharp enough to note that I had made two orders and qualified for free delivery.

I was excited about this delivery and I planned to get home from work in time to try some of them out before our visit to the cinema. But then I got a puncture and the jack collapsed and it took ages to sort everything out. So, I got home just in time to catch my breath and head out again. And after the film we were hungry and then tired and so the brushes went unbrushed and the paints unpainted and the inks uninked.

So I woke up at 4ish thinking about painting and bamboo and orchids and the moon. I couldn’t really get back to sleep. Then it was morning and we ate breakfast for my blog and then went to IKEA and then we came home.

And I got to play with my new toys.

Phew. Normal service resumed. Time to do some of the things I was thinking about in the middle of the night.

First, a go at getting a bamboo in an egg shell.

And then, you know, that bamboo in the moon thing. I was puzzling about it all day. Watercolours? Gouache? Chalk? Then I remembered messing around with pastels a few months ago, and enjoying the light and shade effects I managed to achieve. So I gave that a go.

Well, it’s not perfect but I like it.