More baubles

In Cork. Travelled here today. Examining tomorrow and then back up to Dublin. It’s late and I’m tired but I brought a pad and some watercolour pencils. Still trying to convey the impression of Christmas tree branches. Attempted a few...Read More

Dig Deep

Sometime in 1984, we were in Uxbridge, in north west London. The miners' strike was in full swing and some people were collecting money to support miners' families. The slogan on the collection tins was was Dig Deep for the...Read More

Love After Love

Eilis, a psychotherapist I've been going to for a while, told me about a poem by Derek Walcott called Love After Love. In short, it's about meeting one's self and, I suppose, accepting one's self, warts, quirks and faults, as...Read More

Knifey Spoony

Started a new wood project today. [metaslider id=1058] The day the young lad Edward received his scholarship certificate in UCD.