According to the article in Wikipedia (here), Jack-o'-lanterns originated in Ireland with carved turnips. When the idea emigrated to America, pumpkins were used. The pumpkin is Christine's. The turnip is mine.   Samhain.  


Still working with the blended pastel on rag paper idea but marrying it with some Celtic knotwork. I was looking for something romantic to write over it. And then I thought of Eavan Boland's poem Quarantine, about the famine. And...Read More

Haiku 2

I wrote the three Haiku in the last post at different times and it was only when I was messing around with backgrounds that I realised they dealt with different times of day. So, I thought I'd go on into...Read More


So, learning from the poor execution of the Haiku in the previous post, I had another go. This time, I didn't try to do any special lettering. I think that was my error the last time. Instead, I just used...Read More

Art and Life

Sometimes things don't turn out as one would have liked them to, or as one imagined they might, or as one hoped they would. Most times it doesn't matter. Sometimes it does. Sometimes one learns from one's mistakes and doesn't...Read More

The Slap

Found my Joby Gorillapod (a flexible tripod I bought years ago) and attached it to the camera. Then I decided to try a stop motion experiment. Didn't take long. A bit jumpy in spots but here it is:   https://vimeo.com/294911813...Read More