No. Not more blood this time. Actually struggling with a bad back. I’ve had spasms in the lumbar region for over a week. Yesterday, however, things progressed to quite severe cramps from just above my arse to my knee. Walking was difficult. Lying down painful. Sleep impossible.

Sitting was OK though, so I’ve spent the day dosed up on strong painkillers with a hot water bottle strapped to my lower back, doing arty and creative stuff. The breakfast blog and the Berlin sculpture have already been posted. So among the other things worked on today are these :::

This was probably a little too ambitious for my skill level. It’s very overworked but it does look like the thing it’s supposed to look like, so that’s a plus. And it’s on a teabag!

Not finished, obvs. More an experiment than anything else. I’m finding that I know a lot less about how a human face is shaped than I thought. But it’s never too late to learn. Or try new stuff.

And just to say how appreciative I am for the advice of the older lad, Tom, on how to deal with my sore back. Thank you Tom. And to the rest of my family for their care and indulgence of my indolence.