Birr Hanging

During our August visit to Birr Castle, I picked up a branch and stuck it in the boot of the car. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it but I didn’t get around to it till this evening. I’m not sure what you call this. A hanging? (Gruesome.) A mobile? (Not really.) Anyway, whatever it’s called, it turned out pretty much as I imagined it, so I’m pleased. (Click on it. It’ll get bigger.)



This next thing is ambitious. I love phalaenopses. And they seem to love our kitchen window sill. I think it has its own microclimate. It’s east facing so it gets a bit of morning sun. And then it gets steam from the kettle and cooking. Anyway, the phalaenopses seem to thrive in it which is great.

I was kind of pleased with my fuchsia yesterday and so, confidence boosted, I’ve decided to have a go at the infinitely more difficult phalaenopsis. Here’s the earliest stage.


I’m not sure what I’d be doing if I wasn’t doing this stuff.