Photographic rediscovery

We’ve been talking about buying a replacement camera for ages and we finally bought one a couple of weeks ago. It’s a Canon Powershot and is slightly, but not much, more sophisticated than a point and click camera. Whereas in the olden days, cameras came with instruction books, this one came with a link to a 185 page pdf instruction book. Anyway, we’ve ben playing with it a bit. It’s easy to use (which was a key criterion) and takes sharp pics (which was another). One thing it does is take tilt shift videos. They’re those ones that look like miniature models. I need to read up a on them a bit but I think the effect is achieved by having a narrow band of sharp focus in the centre of the screen, blurring the top and bottom and speeding the video up a bit. I tried a little experiment this afternoon but it didn’t really work. I think you need to choose your subject quite carefully. And I didn’t. I’ll play around with it a bit more in due course.

Of course, buying the camera reminded me that I have a GoPro that I’ve been neglecting, so I took it into town this morning. On the way back, I managed to nab a front seat at the top of the bus and I did a time lapse. Not that successful really. I think the intervals, at 10 seconds, were too long and from Harold’s Cross on, we were stuck behind a 49 and so the latter bit is dominated by the back of a bus.


My turtle is coming along slowly.


And I dried and prepared another few teabags for painting on. This time, I didn’t unfold the bag, because I want to incorporate the string and the tag in the finished project. That made emptying it a little more challenging. I managed to turn the bag inside out and I made a slit in a place which is now invisible. I didn’t get all the contents out but I don’t think that’s a big deal. I’ve now painted it with an acrylic medium so that it will be able to take some paint.