I may have a problem …

These are my fountain pens. I have 17 of them. Starting with my lovely Lamy 2000 (the black one at the top) and moving clockwise through 8 more Lamys to the three Noodlers pens (purple, magenta and green), on to my TWSBIs, finishing with my gorgeous TWSBI Diamond 580.

I have terrible handwriting but it becomes slightly more legible when I write with a fountain pen. With fountain pens there’s also lovely fuss: filling them (I don’t use cartridges), cleaning them, adjusting them. The TWSBIs are great because they are meant to be taken apart although some parts are challenging to get back together in the right way. And they hold a LOT of ink. The Noodlers are interesting because they have flexible nibs so you can adjust the width of the ink mark, but they do have a tendency to drip a bit. The Lamys are German-made, efficient and elegant, and I use them mostly for work.

There’s nothing creative here really but I’m currently working on a few things and they’ll take a while to bring to a state whereby I can post them here. There’s a few more linocuts (printed and drying), a small whittling project (started) and a new blog. The latter is called thebreakfastblog.ie. I’ve bought the domain name and I just need to put WordPress on it, choose a design and a banner pic, and get blogging. Hopefully it’ll be up and running by next weekend. And I might make some chilli pickle today.