Marmalade. I like marmalade

Yesterday, I made marmalade for the first time. Again, this was something I had been planning to do for years.


I was just reading an online article about a Finnish initiative to alleviate homelessness that has had huge success. In short, the state provides discounted loans to a Finnish NGO that buys and renovates properties to house those without homes. Part of the initiative is to also provide counselling and social services support to assist former homeless people to gain a foothold in the labour market.


It's 2020

In a few short weeks I’ll be 60. 60! I don’t mind and I don’t feel nearly 60. I feel about 38 on a good day. On a bad one, maybe 55. Anyway, it’s only a number. I have plenty of energy and a lot of good stuff going on ...

Sunflowers on a can

This was in my head and now it’s on a can. I’m very pleased with this, especially as, although it was in my head, I had no real idea about how to do it when I started. Even when I started painting the sunflowers in the foreground, I had no real notion about how I was going to make them look like sunflowers.