Pandemic Creativity

Things have moved so fast. An outbreak of a flu like illness in China late last year has now become a global pandemic that has changed EVERYTHING.


A most extraordinary week. The rapid change in events and circumstances as a result of the global spread of the coronavirus would make your head spin. I’ve found it hard to keep up and then, by trying to keep up, I’ve been finding it quite stressful.


Difficult Times

It’s the uncertainty. The invisibility of it. The sense that, as time passes, you’ll hear of someone related to someone you know succumbing. Followed by someone you kind of know. Followed by someone you definitely know. And so on. The sense that this thing is growing exponentially and getting closer. All the time.

International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day. It’s been big in our house. Christine held a coffee morning yesterday. She had baked a variety of her customary luscious and interesting cakes and biscuits. It was in aid of Merchant’s Quay Ireland and she asked people to bring toiletries and other supplies useful for MQI’s women clients. About 30 people came and were extremely generous with their donations.