Tins 'n' Things

I haven’t fallen off my perch although some of those people who entertained me in my young adulthood have. Clive James made me guffaw, particularly with his late night television programmes and his lighter pieces in print, although I have to be honest and say that I struggled with his longer, denser literary pieces. Latterly, I enjoyed his observations, often about his elusive end, while enduring a terminal illness.


I've been drinking wine and doing arty things. It's quite a good mix. The wine has a relaxing affect and that reduces the fear of not being able to do things. It also enhances the 'hey, why don't I do this thing and see what it looks like?', which is awesome. I'm also listening to some strange music which helps.

Here's some of them ...

I found these words somewhere. Pinterest, I think. They were attributed to Mark Twain but some research suggests that someone else wrote them but I couldn’t find out who. To be honest, I don’t care who wrote them. They resonate strongly with me and I felt compelled to do this …

Just the one

I thought of this in work this morning and painted it this evening. I had painted the background on the teabag ages ago and I think it works well. I'm pleased with this.