A Citadel Under Siege

Yesterday, frustrated with seeming to have lots of time and the impression that I really had little to show for the week (which actually, as this blog post has demonstrated, wasn’t true), I grabbed a Sostrene Grene impulse purchase, and a Lidl impulse purchase, and an old book of Celtic knot work, and I did this piece of pyrography.


Difficult Times

It’s the uncertainty. The invisibility of it. The sense that, as time passes, you’ll hear of someone related to someone you know succumbing. Followed by someone you kind of know. Followed by someone you definitely know. And so on. The sense that this thing is growing exponentially and getting closer. All the time.


Last October I had an abortive attempt at making a Tree of Life. This time I saw it through. I used coloured hemp and, although I thought the colours would flow into each other better, the result, although maybe a bit disjointed, is growing on me.

Pandemic Creativity

Things have moved so fast. An outbreak of a flu like illness in China late last year has now become a global pandemic that has changed EVERYTHING.